Katharine Hepburn won the awards but lost the rewards — 8 Comments

  1. I stumbled onto your website by accident when I was reading about Katherine Hepburn, one of my favorite actresses.

    It might interest you to know that Biblical god is the most immoral characters ever written about. He kills millions of people because he can’t do what ordinary folks around the planet do every day……they forgive others who have wronged them. Not only do people forgive others, they forgive them without requiring someone’s death or a bloody sacrifice. But the Biblical god can’t seem to do the simple task of forgiveness without the genocidal mass killing of people. He either slaughters them in a variety of horrific methods or drowns them in a world wide hissy fit. He drowns pregnant women, babies,the elderly and sick, kittens and baby bunnies. The biblical god kills more people than Stalin, Hitler and Kim Jung Un put together and most of these acts of genocidal killings are…well…because Yahweh can’t just forgive people without stomping on their lives.

    He uses magic to kill thousands of Egyptian children in one evening, but oddly enough, he can’t seem to use magic to get his favorite tribe out Egypt without killing those Egyptian children. The only conclusion one can take from this ridiculous story is that this biblical god actually CHOSE to kill innocent Egyptian babies on purpose. So Katherine Hepburn was correct to dismiss this tyranical mythical character, particularly since there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence this dictator god actually exists.

    Realize that the bible is a book of claims it is not a book of evidence. I’ve read the entire thing. It only claims a god exists. You cannot use a book of claims as evidence since it only becomes more claims, not evidence. What you theists need to support your god claim is to provide incontrovertible, unbiased evidence OUTSIDE of your magical book to prove your god exists. Thus far no theists has ever done this or submitted anything that could possibly be considered evidence of a god.

    Take care.

  2. Hi Laura. Your position certainly isn’t new. And, even though I obviously disagree with your premise, I detect the heart of a caring and thinking person. So, the first evidence I’d give for the existence of the one, true, living, loving Creator God is YOU.
    And I’d be willing to dialogue with you about it. Because, if I’m wrong…if my Biblical perspective and position is incorrect, I truly want to know that. But a discussion or debate about it, with you, would be a pointless waste of time, if you can’t say that about your perspective and position. That’s fair, right?

    Your comment even ended with “take care.” So, I want you to know that I DO care about you. And I’d welcome the opportunity to talk things over with you. But if you’ve already passed judgment on me, I’ll totally understand if you’d rather not.

    I prayed, just now, to be able to speak to you with wisdom and love. And my hope is that I’ll hear from you again.

  3. Left out “free will”. That is why I love “East of Eden” by Steinbeck. The choice is ours.

  4. Jesus is the only way to heaven. You MUST be born again. Sins covered by the blood Jesus shed on Calvary. Anything else will never do.

  5. Anyone who doesn’t believe in God will suddenly believe the moment they die because there are no athiests in hell as Katherine found out. Jesus told Nicodemus ”You must be born again to enter heaven’.

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