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When your project needs a voice from a well-spoken guy who can relate to hard-working business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and grunts, get the Tony Voice.

The Tony Voice has boosted audiobooks, commercials, explainer videos, grammar lessons for kids, seminar speaker demos, training and instructional narration, and websites for years.

He records, produces, and delivers audio files, videos, and written content from his broadcast-quality studio in America’s Heartland. With quick turnaround for most work. Is your project next?

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Every day, Tony’s behind the mic in his Mac based studio.

That’s where he sends his voice (and your message) through snazzy broadcast quality microphones into his computer. Then, he mixes and masters it out to you (and the world) through through his Fiber optic internet connection.

But your successful partnership, with Tony, can’t start till you get in touch and let him know what you need. Use the form below. And he’ll talk to you (and FOR you) soon.

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Phone: 720-316-7637
Email: (tony at tonyvoice dot com)