Tomorrow Never Came — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Tony,
    My biological name is Dawn Funderburk. I was wondering if we were kin to each other. I was adopted by another family when I just turned 18. My biological mom’s name was Evelyn (hispanic) and my dad’s name was Arden (Caucasian). I was checking cause Funderburk is not a very common last name. Somewhere along the line we probably are.

  2. Hi Dawn. According to what I’ve learned through multiple sources…mostly all Funderburks are related. The name actually comes from the German version of Von der Berg, which means from the mountain. The Funderburks in America basically all share the heritage of Hans Devauld Von der Berg. It’s a pretty interesting story. Anyway…glad to know another member of “the family”. You should sign up to my newsletter and stay in touch.

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