Note to self – or should I say a whole bunch of notes? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Tony. It’s really odd. Whenever I have had ambitions of success beyond what I have already accomplished, doubt creeps in that more success is available to me.

    But then I heard someone say, “The universe doesn’t care if you succeed or not.” Which, of course, is true.

    So I am going to go after one small success at a time. A success savings account, if you will.

    At 64 years old, I am sick and tired of not accomplishing more for me, and my sphere of influence. I cannot help others until I help myself.

    Love you, brother.

  2. Hey Scott. I can relate. Of course, I’m sure you know that’s the world’s influence creeping in. I like your “savings account” idea. I’m confident God sees you as a good and faithful servant. And I’m honored to call you friend. Thank you for commenting and for your support.

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