Singer Songwriter Keepin’ The World Brighter

As a singer songwriter I’ve been able to travel a lot, meet many people, and help keep the world just a little brighter. I know there’s way too much darkness in the world. So, I figure why add to that with dark and dreary words and music. And I figure it’s my job, as a Christian, to show there’s hope and a bright, endless future. When you buy my music, you’re helping to support that message. And you’re helping me keep it available for anyone who’s looking for hope. God bless you for that.

“Kiddin’ Around”
click to play a demo of some fun music for kids.

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“Kiddin’ Around” Collection For $10

My singer songwriter music for kids isn’t the “wheels on the bus” kind of music. And a lot of people have told me they’re glad about that. This CD of music for kids starts out with “Don’t”.

And if you’ve ever been a kid…or ever listened to kids playing together, you’ve probably heard that word a lot. Well, I put an ironic spin on the word. And I wrote a song with a list of things no kid should do. The ironic part is…it’s a list of things no kid could possibly do. (psst…this song is also one of my books for kids)

And the next song, “Stop Buggin’ Me” is another phrase I’m sure we’ve all heard some kid say…or maybe you’ve said it yourself.

Next comes “Monkey Doodles“. It’s one of two doodles songs. Because…well…kids like to doodle, right?

The fourth song, “Be Nice”, is also a phrase used by moms everywhere. And it’s funny to watch kids. They can be the cutest, cuddliest, little bundles of love one minute. Then, you put them in a room together…and look out.

“Green Monkey”, the fifth song in this collection of silly, fun music for kids, is all about a klutzy green monkey who enjoys everything green. And it’s only natural. After all…greens are good for you, right?

The sixth song is called “Keepin’ It Real”.

Being a little kid in the arms of mom or dad is the closest we ever come to being the center of the universe. And I mention that idea in this song. Of course, human frailties are always there “keepin’ it real”.

For those of you who enjoy the seaside escapes “Island day” is the seventh song. It has a toucan, dolphin, swordfish, parrot, blue whale, and even an electric eel. So, all the creatures and none of the danger.

OK…the eighth song is “Apple Doodles”. Yep…more doodles. Because for some silly reason kids have fun making messes. And this fun song is all about the messes…which you won’t have to clean up.

The ninth song is called “The Belly Song”. My personalized music for kids and this “Kiddin’ Around” CD used to be found in a store in the upscale Cherry Creek shopping district near downtown Denver, Colorado. And they specialized in maternity wear for expectant mothers. So, I wrote this song for them. One of the owners said it brought tears of joy to her eyes. It’s not a sad song. She just thought it captured their idea very nicely. And that was pretty cool…

Finally, the tenth song is called “Timbuk Toys”. And this is another retail toy store where I used to sell my fun and personalized music for kids. Just because, as a singer songwriter who loves alliteration, I liked the sound of the store name. Just sort of clicked off the tip of my tongue. And, but the way, be sure to check out my background native singers.

Well…there you have a quick overview of the music for kids on “Kiddin’ Around”. Order today. And you can even add a short personal message if you like. (it’s optional)

“LullaBye Bye” Is a Collection of
Original Jazzy Lullaby Songs

Download The Lullabye Bye Collection for only $10

Download the Lullaby Bye collection now

10 lullabies (and a little ditty) you won’t find anywhere else at any price. Play these softly near your child’s bed and watch the eyelids get heavy. Now, I’m not just saying this because I’m the singer songwriter, but these are some of my personal favorites. And I believe they’ll soon be yours and your kids’ favorites, too.

So, check out the Lullabye Bye collection in the video. And when you like what you hear, just click the link and download ’em today. No shipping…No waiting. And no extra charge. Zip, zilch, nada. Just $10 for 10 jazzy lullaby songs. Then, get your pillow ready for sleepy time.

Nap time music, night time music, or just a little much-needed R&R…this music works…

“Melanie loves your Lullabye Bye CD – (her favs are Blue Celtic Cloud and Milky Way Bouquet). And Caleb loves his CD so much that he started making his own version of birthday songs for his stuffed animal sleep buddies. :)”
Cristina Miller (Castle Rock)

“Bedtime Buckaroos” Is a Collection of
Original Western Lullaby Songs

My personal favorite kind of country music is actually cowboy music. You know…like Roy Rogers and his compadres sang around the campfire. And it fits in nicely with my singer songwriter style. So, I wrote and produced a cowpoke collection of lullaby songs called “Bedtime Buckaroos“. Listen to samples in the music player above. Tell your kids Tony (and Roy Rogers) say goodnight…it’s bedtime, buckaroos.

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“Bedtime Buckaroos” Collection for only $10

Download the Bedtime Buckaroos Collection now

Here’s a sampler mix of
some of my songs for adults

My first collection of Christian music
Do Right
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Do Right Collection - buy and download now

2nd CD of Christian-inspired music… Amen
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Listen to these samples from the
Raise The Praise Collection

Raise the Praise Collection

Fun island-y music

Click the pic to get the Underneath That Mountain Moon CD

“All For Love” Is a Collection of
love songs recorded in studio, hotel rooms,
and basically anywhere I could find at the time.

All For Love downloadable collection

Some people say the nicest things about my music:

…just so that you know, I received a number of calls and e-mail questions Friday about your business. Addy was amazed by the CD. She just danced at first. But when she heard her name she jumped up and down and said, Mommy…Addison, listen Addison!(she is only 2) My husband loved the CD too! Thanks again,
Natalie Tysdal – WB2 Morning News anchor (Denver, Colorado)

“My son received the CD for his birthday this year. And he absolutely loves the beats and the music and starts dancing around every time we play it for him. And all of my friends are buying for their kids, too. Thank you.”
Heather (in Colorado)

Hello Tony!! Just a note to say that I got Savanna’s CD today!! You pronounced it PERFECT!!! SA VAH NA !!! :)I love the CD. It is awesome!! You did a great job! I am ready to buy another one…I want to request that you make a Christmas CD and a Lullaby CD for babies……. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THEM. And I will be your first order when you do!! Thanks so much and keep me posted if you come out with another CD. I will be waiting!! Add me to your mailing if you have one.
Jennifer Vargas (Peabody, Massachusetts)

“We popped Rory’s CD in the player and he (and his 1 year old brother) had an absolute blast dancing around to the music. And Rory was SHOCKED when he heard his name in the songs. The last few times I’ve been on Skype with people he’s asked if it’s the man who made him the CD of songs. Tony’s CD has been a BIG hit around here. So, if you’ve got little ones in your life, it’s a fun, personal gift they’ll adore.”
Michelle Macphearson

Is this singer songwriter blushing yet?

“I have your CD for my son Jay and we absolutely love it. Now I am ordering these two for gifts. My sister-in-law… gave us your CD. It is very fun. And Jay loves to listen to it. I look forward to hearing these two new ones. My son goes to daycare every day. One day they asked us to bring in his favorite CD. I took “Jay’s CD”. The daycare providers loved the CD.

And they all asked who the singer songwriter was and where I got it. One even wanted to buy one for her pregnant sister. Now that I found your website, I will pass it along to them too.”
Emily (Kirkwood, MO)

“…just had to let you know that Sue purchased CD’s of your personalized music for kids for my twins Zach and Hannah last year for their birthday and they are WONDERFUL. They are 8 now but love listening to them and dancing around…what a gift you have.” Jenny (in Washington, DC)

Personalized songs with your child’s name (no matter how uncommon the name is)! Our favorite singer songwriter, Tony, wrote and sings six original songs directly to your child. Customers tell us they really like the way the songs aren’t cutesy or singing “down” to their kids.

And you’ll love the way your child’s face lights up everytime he or she hears their name in their very own songs! The CDs are custom printed and any name (no matter the spelling) can be printed directly on the CD (no label to peel off!) What could be better?
Monkey Doodles (Owners retired and business now closed)

We’re so glad you found us with your personalized music for kids.

We put the display right next to the front desk and register because they’re so colorful. The songs are so much fun. And the parents enjoy them almost as much as the kids. They’re not the typical kids songs you hear everywhere else!
Timbuk Toys (Denver, Colorado)

I heard one of your songs on Channel 2 news this morning and thought it was great! I just wanted to say thank you for the CD’s. They are wonderful! And the boys are going to love them! What a wonderful idea.
Thank you again, Tara Ravishankar
Tony, My name is Renee Strickland (Moe’s good friend). She had you make up a CD for my grandson. And it was a hit with the family. Thank you. However I need to order 2 more…

Here’s a picture of an actual letter from a 4th grader who enjoyed some of Tony’s children’s songs. Notice who her favorite singer songwriter is now… 🙂

A young girl named Azure sent a letter saying Tony Funderburk is her favorite singer songwriter.

I appreciate your support, more than you know, when you buy these original collections. Sadly, my “personalized songs for kids” are no longer available. But my deepest thanks to all of you who bought and enjoyed them over the years.

Stay tuned,

Christian Author Singer Songwriter, Tony Funderburk, shares his lullaby songs, music for kids, personalized music, writing and more.