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Tony Writes and produces personalized words, music, video, and voiceovers. And that makes him the most unique content creator you’re ever gonna find. Scroll down this long page (if you dare) to see a variety of samples. When you’re ready to connect, schedule your appointment at the bottom of this page.

Copywriting Samples

Article for snow sports magazine
(editor said “it read like poetry)

As your brand writer, I can write for your online magazine.
As your brand writer, I can write for your online magazine.

Tony Funderburk, the most creative content writer in Colorado Springs wrote this article on Reflexology for a website client

I was the content creator for this “infographic list”

Some more reasons to work with the only
content creator who can write your articles,
make your video, and sing your tune.

Article from series on Jeep winch repairs
(website owner said “love the conversational style”)

I wrote a series of 26 winch articles for a 4 wheeler enthusiast website.

Article on Canine Hip Dysplasia

(Vet said “you really captured my voice”)
Article for a veterinarian about canine hip dysplasia

Article (sales copy) on the benefits of resveratrol

Article/Ad for a homebuilder

(client said “hit the right points and with that You focus…thanks”)

Direct Response Copy Sample

(Client inserted the feedback he received for the article)Direct Response Copy Sample

Long Form Sales Copy for business eBook

Email copywriting samples

Email copy - autorespondersEmail copy - autoresponder -sample 2
Email copy - autoresponder - sample 2 page 2

Book Samples
Yeah, this content creator can even help you
write your book AND get it published

How about ghostwriting? Whether it’s your memoirs, or a business book, or specialty books for kids…fiction or facts…I can write it for you. I can also point you to some excellent publication options…

Traditional: where your book appears in bookstores…or
Digital: I’m very familiar with Amazon’s Kindle Direct digital publication platform.
I’ve published more than 30 books there…so far.

And don’t worry…you’ll own all rights to the book, and your name will appear as the author. Wanna talk about it? Email, using my form, when you’re ready. And we’ll see if working together is a good fit.

Here are excerpts from 2 of my own ebooks

When you need an ebook writer
eBook writer example: Podcast For Profits Excerpt

Email Tony About Your Content Needs

tony @ tonywrites dot com

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