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“And as if being *that* person isn’t enough,
there is no one better with words
than Tony Funderburk.”

I love that quote from a photographer named Melissa. Hey there. Tony Funderburk, the Rhyme and Reason Writer for Kids, here. And I write and share Rhymes and Reasons to show kids, and other creatures, the eternal, life-changing power of God’s love. Your email address is your ticket to jump on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon. Join a growing band of believers who get books, daily rhymes, songs, and videos about that.

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Tony Blue

Now, Tony liked the sight and sound of blue.
And any other color wouldn’t do.
No yellow, red, or green…or colors in between.
No, Tony’s eyes would always turn to blue.

One morning Tony jumped out of his bed,
And found his whole back yard had turned to red.
He said, “I do surmise I need to wash my eyes.”
And then the world went back to blue instead.

One day a town that Tony found was brown.
As you can guess this made him groan and frown.
He turned the sprinklers on till all the brown was gone,
And once again the blue came tumbling down.

One evening orange and yellow filled the sky
And lit up all the world from way up high.
So Tony built a bin and poured the colors in.
His love for blue made him a clever guy.

One afternoon inside a small café
Without a sound the peaceful world turned grey.
And Tony, people said, who wanted blue instead
Quite nearly failed to sweep the grey away.

One Autumn night the universe turned blue,
Not just one shade but blue in every hue.
Old Tony fell asleep…the Lord, his soul, does keep
In splendor, and in music, and in blue.

© 2014 Tony Funderburk  (1/4/14)

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