Hi. My name’s Tony Funderburk…

I’m a writer, singer, podcaster, and YouTuber. And I help believers and searchers like you understand and enjoy this awesome Christian faith…because I want you to have hope and pass it on.

I’d like you to know how valuable you are. There’s a Rhyme and Reason for your life because you were created, on purpose, by the one true, living, loving God. If you’re hurting and things feel hopeless, maybe it’s because you need to discover more about your living, loving Creator and His amazing Grace. And maybe you can’t relate to words and music about peace, love, and joy because your life doesn’t feel like that.

Well, I wanna offer you something more. Messages with a deeper connection to our Creator. Words and music that explain how AND why you’re here. Messages about how faith, hope, and love can and will grow in your life, in spite of your circumstances. Words and music the whole family can enjoy…together. I hope I can tune you in to “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” ~ Jesus

Here’s A Short Version of Me And My Life

I’m married to Elgielene, probably the only woman in the world who could have made it through almost 27 years with me. We didn’t experience the blessing of children, but like I always point out…we have two Labrador Retrievers who look like me. The four of us currently enjoy our little 100 year old bungalow here in the shadow of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

Tony and Elgielene

I’ve been sharing my words and music messages for most of my life. Tens of thousands of families have enjoyed my live shows. And my 18 ebooks and scores of songs can be found in homes all across America and in a variety of other countries. My voice has often been compared to Kenny Loggins…and my writing style has been compared to Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

My journey into writing words and music began with a Bic pen, a stack of spiral notebooks, and my mom’s very old upright piano. That beast only had about two octaves that were useable. So I banged out melodies as best I could. When the music fit my words…I had my song. Then, I had to commit it to memory because I didn’t have any way of recording. Back then, studios were too expensive for the average singer songwriter. So…the songs lived in my head…except for the scribbled chords above the lyrics I kept in those notebooks. And all these years later, I still have almost all of them.

After auditions and lots of free live performances, I transitioned my singer songwriter skills into full-time pro work for many years. During that time (and after) I wrote and produced jingles for radio commercials. After that I began to learn from top-notch copywriters and decided to add copywriting to my skills.
Now I write for clients, fans, and my own online business…right here in my digital micro studio. That’s a long way from those spiral notebooks and Bic pens. Ain’t technology great?!

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And before I forget…when you need an uplifting and encouraging Christian writer, or singer, or speaker for your church, event, organization, or private function, have your people call my people. Don’t know who your people are, but mine are me. 🙂
Stay tuned,
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