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Singer songwriter, children's writer, Tony Funderburk, shares the second of his ebooks for kids: "The Code" Danny and Andy are inseparable…
in fact, you might say everything depends on them staying together and doing their job.
To find out more about who and what they are
(and maybe even a little bit about yourself) read this ebook today.

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Kiddin’ Around
the coloring, drawing songbook
with fun music kids
have enjoyed for years.

Kiddin' Around is a sing along, coloring, and drawing book by Tony Funderburk

People say some
mighty nice things
about Tony Funderburk
the Rhyme and Reason
Writer for Kids
and Other Creatures

Gosh I love your comments! ~Jana McKinley

Tony, I Really enjoy your emails. ~Susan Weldy

I really enjoyed this post and the way you compared why with the biblical definition of love. Very well done! So well that I’m going to share this with my kids. ~ Cristina Miller

Thanks Tony, Every aspiring songwriter should hear those little songs ~Charles Darren Wyatt

Wonderful thoughts, so true and so timely. There is no wisdom apart from God’s wisdom and no truth apart from Him. I thank God for you, Tony. We need more warriors to stand up for the little babies. ~ Jenny Weber

Its beautiful!

Please keep writing! Pajamas & music go together like no other 🙂 ~Jeniffer Warne

Above and beyond what I imagined! Tony made such a sweet little video of my bakery with super cute music that matched the feel of my place to perfection. I highly recommend Tony Funderburk!
~ Karen Bechtel – Colorado Springs, CO

Hey Tony, Love your podcast and added to favorites. So nice to have a Christian cousin who’s a writer for kids. And so proud of you. My dad would have loved this. ~ Rebecca Durham-Damm

Tony has produced dozens of videos for me. He understands the scope of the project, he is creative, timely and reliable. I am more than pleased with the quality and professionalism of his work. Thank you Tony!
~ Ronda Macrory – Colorado Springs, CO

Thank u lord for Tony, my brother in Christ!! ~ Kathy Wilson

Tony’s friendly voice, ad copy, and video creation skills are second to none. 5 stars all the way!
~Scott Evans – Longmont, CO

Well done, Tony.

As a Christian I always find hidden gems that truly shed light on our world and beliefs. I like what you are doing for God’s people. ~ David Boucher

Jim Cockrum Events CES V 2017: “Great song” Ruth “That’s awesome! Great work!” Nikka  “So creative and awesome!” Carol “Cool Beans” Kevin “Wow! How fun that you put this together, Tony! It’s pretty catchy and put a smile on my face; so thanks!” Lorina – “Love it!” Linda – “Great Song Great Message Great Tunes.” Edie – “Very cool Tony!!” – Ryan – “Hey Tony, do you mind if my kids do a puppet version of this song to share?” Jenni

I truly enjoy your writing. I’m looking forward to listening to the Podcast. ~ Andrea Struble

Tony wrote, produced, sang, and recorded a jingle for our company quite a long time ago, but we still use it today because it’s upbeat and embodies our brand. His jingle is used as our music/message on hold. Often callers comment on how fun and catchy the jingle is. Thanks Tony for developing something that has worked so well for so long.
~Randy Pickering – Pickering Auto Repair

Hello, I am listening to your song “Carry the Dream” sooo good.

Hey, you have the voice like the singer in starship that sings “Sarah” and you are good at what you do but you probly have been told that a lot. ~ Dawn

Thank you for walking in the spirit. stay powerful! ~ David Hein

“You know *that* person everyone likes? That’s Tony. And as if being *that* person isn’t enough…there is no one better with words than Tony Funderburk.” ~Melissa Lawson – Photographer

Tony, hey, what a fun video. Thanks for posting that! And my kids still get a smile when they hear your music for kids that we got for them years ago. Thanks Tony! ~ Bob Enyart

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