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Order CD’s of personalized music for kids here.  If the name you want is on the current names list, (click the drop down button) It’s only $12.00. This can be a different spelling of one of the names in the list…just not a completely new name. You can order unique or uncommon names not found on the list in the “New Kid In Town” form a little further below.

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…just so that you know, I received a number of calls and e-mail questions Friday about your business. Addy was amazed by the CD. She just danced at first, when she heard her name she jumped up and down and said, Mommy…Addison, listen Addison!(she is only 2) My husband loved the CD too! Thanks again, Natalie Tysdal WB2 Morning News anchor (Denver, Colorado)

“My son received the CD for his birthday this year and all of my friends are buying for their friends, etc… He absolutely loves the beats and the music and starts dancing around every time we play it for him. We are very excited to purchase for our friends for their toddler as well…Thank you.” Heather (in Colorado)

Hello Tony!! Just a note to say that I got Savanna’s  CD today!! You pronounced it PERFECT!!! SA VAH NA !!!  :)I love the CD. It is awesome!! You did a great job! I am ready to buy another one…I want to request that you make a Christmas CD and a Lullaby CD for babies……. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THEM. I will be your first order when you do!! Thanks so much and keep me posted if you come out with another CD. I will be waiting!! Add me to your mailing if you have one Jennifer Vargas (Peabody, Massachusetts)

“I know I sure am thankful that all four of my kids have their very own personalizedmusic for kids -They don’t know how they ever lived without it. Your songs are totally awesome, Tony!” Danielle Kekoa (Colorado)

“We popped Rory’s CD in the player and he (and his 1 year old brother) had an absolute blast dancing around to the music. And Rory was SHOCKED when he heard his name in the songs. The last few times I’ve been on Skype with people he’s asked if it’s the man who made him the CD of songs. Tony’s CD has been a BIG hit around here – if you’ve got little ones in your life, it’s a fun, personal gift they’ll adore.” Michelle Macphearson (Social Marketing Expert)

“I have your CD for my son Jay and we absolutely love it. Now I am ordering these two for gifts. My sister-in-law… gave us your CD. It is very fun and Jay loves to listen to it. I look forward to hearing these two new ones. My son goes to daycare every day. One day they asked us to bring in his favorite CD. I took “Jay’s CD”. The daycare providers loved the CD. They all asked where I got. One even wanted to buy one for her pregnant sister. Now that I found your website, I will pass it along to them too.” Emily (Kirkwood, MO)

“…just had to let you know that Sue purchased CD’s of your personalized music for kids for my twins Zach and Hannah last year for their birthday and they are WONDERFUL. They are 8 now but love listening to them and dancing around…what a gift you have.” Jenny (in Washington, DC)

Personalized songs with your child’s name (no matter how uncommon the name is)! Tony sings six original songs directly to your child. Our customers tell us they really like the way the songs aren’t cutesy or singing “down” to their kids. You’ll love the way your child’s face lights up everytime he or she hears their name in their very own songs! The CDs are custom printed and any name (no matter the spelling) can be printed directly on the CD (no label to peel off!) What could be better? Monkey Doodles (Evergreen, Colorado…business now closed)

We’re so glad you found us with your personalized music for kids. We put the display right next to the front desk and register because they’re so colorful. The songs are so much fun, and the parents enjoy them almost as much as the kids. They’re not the typical kids songs you hear everywhere else! Timbuk Toys (Denver, Colorado)

Hi, My son has an unusual name.  Vivek.  It is a very common name in India, where his dad is from, but we can never find anything here that is custom for him.  What is the possibility of having a song done using his name?
I heard one of your songs on Channel 2 news this morning and thought it was great! Thanks, Tara Ravishankar I just wanted to say thank you for the CD’s. They are wonderful! The boys are going to love them! What a wonderful idea. Thank you again, Tara Ravishankar
Tony, My name is Renee Strickland (Moe’s good friend). She had you make up
a CD for my grandson and it was a hit with the family. Thank you. However I need to order 2 more…