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Action – Boldness – Creativity – Faith – Family – Humor – Joy – Quality – Service – Trustworthiness – Wisdom

Here’s A Short Version of Me And My Life

I’ve written words and music and used my voice to make a living for most of my life. Tens of thousands of families have enjoyed my live shows. Many of my 20 books and scores of songs can be found in homes all across America and in a variety of other countries. My words, music, and voice production can be heard daily on radio, on-hold systems, and websites…and weekly on my Rhyme and Reason Podcast.

My journey into writing words and music began with a Bic pen, a stack of spiral notebooks, and my mom’s very old upright piano with only 2 decent octaves.

After auditions and lots of free live performances, I transitioned my singer songwriter skills into full-time pro work for many years. During some of that time (and since) I write and produce jingles for radio commercials. Somewhere in the middle of all that I got married to Elgielene, probably the only woman in the world who could have made it through all these years with me. And we enjoy life in a 100 year old bungalow in the shadow of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

You might be able to hire me to put all that words, music, and voice experience to work for you. I can help you expand your reach and build your audience with ads, books, commercials, podcasts, videos, and website content. But if you’re not ready or willing to invest in yourself and your business, I’m not your guy. Maybe this’ll help you decide…

Join my Rhyme and Reason Band and get my special offer. Once you’re in the band, I’ll send some free music and 2 free books (one for you and one for your kids) to your inbox right away. Your kids will get some free entertainment, and you’ll discover 5 mistakes you might be making with your website. The only way you lose money on this deal is if you don’t take me up on it.

FYI…Get my ebooks for kids here on my website as well as, the iTunes BookstoreKobo BooksSony eReader BooksSmashwords, and Nook Books. Help yourself to my music downloads. They’re splashed all over this website. You can also stream songs using my media player. You can even embed the player on your website or share the songs with friends.

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