Creative Copywriter For Hire

Things come to life when you hire me. Why? Because I’m THE creative copywriter with words, music, videos, and voice all in one convenient place. And I can bundle them together to give you the unforgettable advantage over your competitors. There are plenty of voiceover artists out there. And you can find scores of content writers. Also, there is no shortage of singer/songwriters with a guitar and a laptop. What you wont find without a lot of searching, screening, and scanning is all that from one source. But now you have. Because I can say it, sing it, and write it. What is IT? The branding message and content for your ads, audiobooks, commercials, podcasts, videos, websites, and more.

Want samples? Read lots of articles HERE on my website. And click on any of these samples to get in touch with me today

Beetles To Boards
(article for a snow sports magazine
the editor said it reads like poetry)


As your brand writer, I can write for your online magazine.
As your brand writer, I can write for your online magazine.

(1, in a series, of winch articles)
(website owner said the series rocked)

I wrote a series of 26 winch articles for a 4 wheeler enthusiast website.

(An Australian company needed a creative copywriter
for one of their Christian clients)

Web Content for sharing with churches - for a client in Australia

From a 3-part Canine hip dysplasia series
(vet said it captured my voice)

Canine1 Article for a veterinarian about canine hip dysplasia

Excerpt from health & wellness article
(website owners said they were glad they hired a creative copywriter because
they love the conversational style)

Missing Nutrient Article Excerpt