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Do you want your art, your craft, your business, book project, commercial, product, promo, or website to stand out? Wanna give your audience a message they’ll remember? Brand songs can help you do that. If you’re an artist, entrepreneur, business and/or website owner, a writer, a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, these songs can help you be seen AND heard and move your message to the next level. Perfect for projects like…

Tony Funderburk's brand songs help you Be Seen AND Heard!

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I’ve written hundreds of songs. Families, businesses, talk show hosts, and entrepreneurs all over the U.S. and in some other countries have employed and enjoyed my brand songs for years. And I’m heard on radio, websites, and computers every day. Listen to a few samples…

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What Do Others Say?

Tony has taught me how to refine what I say for various audiences and I’ll be eternally grateful for that. Children, ladies, and yes, Real Men, will love every second. I get nothing from this by the way even though it’s very ad-sounding. I love to promote what I love and it’s time for the world to listen to Mister Tony.” ~Greg Perry – author of more than 85 books on computer programming, applications, operating systems, government, & rental property management…published by major publishers and translated into virtually every language on earth.

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I’ve written hundreds of brand songs. I can write YOURS, too. So, let’s get started. Send me your name, email address, and some info about your project, and let’s go. Or click the simple order button and hire me now!

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